Western Horse Tack & Saddles in Galesburg, MI

Western Horse Tack & Saddles in Galesburg, MI

We stock the whole kit and caboodle

All you wranglers will find the essentials for your horses at The Western Breed. Whether you ride for work or play, you can buy all of the gear you need to outfit your bronc before your next ride. We carry saddles and tack, including stirrups, bridles, reins, bits and harnesses.

Quality horse saddle brands

You want to make sure you and your horse are comfortable for the ride, so check out our selection of top-quality saddles today. We will help you find a saddle that fits you and your horse properly. No matter what activities you’ll be participating in, we’ve got the saddle for you. Choose from the best brands, including:

  • Big Horn
  • Tex Tan
  • Abetta
  • And others

Call 296-665-9051 today if you have any questions about our inventory. You can also stop by anytime to find out more about how we can prepare you for your next ride.